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Cara Mudah Mendapat Sponsor Bagian 4

Proposal sponsors will at least contain the concept of a 5 W & H: What, Why, When, Where, Who, and How. In addition it is important to note some of the material as shown below:
1Tujuan organized event
2Keterangan about the event
3Alasan why need a sponsor
4Media that will be used to promote the event
5Schedule event and action plan

What can be given by the organizers to the sponsor in exchange for sponsorship is given. Give some examples. For example, inclusion of logo in the banner, made a better example of a banner with sponsor logo design in question, or maybe you could devote a few minutes for them mempromokan their activities.
Annex pictures, video or newspaper clippings of the activities that have been done.
Include a contact person from the activity, who know well about the details of the event.

Delivering the proposal is not enough to make prospective sponsors are interested. Because the proposal that goes not just ours alone. There is always competition for cooperation with the sponsor. It may be that there are 5-10 in one month the incoming proposals for joint sponsorship request. Therefore need another way to convince potential sponsors that are willing to cooperate with us.

Every person more confidence to people they already know rather than strangers. Especially people who have a positive impression. Similarly, the prospective sponsor, they will see who the merekomendaikan. So before contacting prospective sponsors, looking for information on who the person is known by the prospective sponsor and be able to give recommendations. Thus, at least 50% of success is at hand.

Prospective sponsors also need to be convinced by direct face to face. The trick is to presentation. In this way the function is to convince potential sponsors that the event is worthy of our support and promotion of their product needs are met.

Some things to consider when going to the presentation as follows:
X Make an appointment with a prospective sponsor. Try to meet directly with leaders of the company / subsidiary.
X Master the material and be prepared to accept rejection and criticism before it received a positive response. Whatever activities you hold, make sure it is the best activity.
X Be on time and do informal communication with the receptionist. Convey the identity of the organization and provide a business card.
X Practicing before the time of presentation
X Dressed in a neat and proper
X Provide a copy of the proposal to the sponsor
X Short, interesting and solid, the presentation should not be too detailed, because the details of the event already in the proposal. At that time the percentage should be more emphasis on the more personal approach and explain the things that focus on the interests of the sponsor rather than the organizers of activities.
X Leave a phone number that is easy to be contacted by the sponsor (if the card can be).
Ask when you can follow-up. After that follow up via telephon.

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